Mediation and Alternative Dispute Resolution

Mediation and Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR)

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Litigation is not the only solution to legal problems. Our Mediation and Alternative Dispute Resolution lawyers have extensive experience with alternative dispute resolution techniques. Their practices include:

Commercial Mediation with Wilford H. Stone and Amy L. Reasner.  

As experienced trial lawyers, Mr. Stone and Ms. Reasner are also skilled mediators in complex civil litigation including breaches of contract and business disputes. If you need assistance,  you may contact Mr. Stone at or Ms. Reasner at

Employment Mediation and Arbitration with Wilford H. Stone and Amy L. Reasner

Mr. Stone is on the American Arbitration Association’s commercial and employment panels, and is a former arbitrator for the Iowa Public Employment Relations Board.  He has mediated or arbitrated hundreds of disputes.  Amy L. Reasner’s extensive background in labor and employment law makes her an effective mediator.  If you need assistance , please contact Mr. Stone, at or Ms. Reasner at

Family Law Mediation and Settlement Conferences with David L. Wenzel and Daniel M. Morgan

Mr. Wenzel and Mr. Morgan have performed hundreds of mediations and enjoy finding practical solutions to your legal issues. Mediation can be extremely helpful in saving both parties money, time, and stress.
If you need assistance with Mediation you may contact Mr. Wenzel, at or Mr. Morgan at

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