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Category: Employment Law

There have been two huge jury verdicts against employers in Iowa over the last year. One was for $12 million dollars in Des Moines back in August and the other was for $1.4 million in Chickasaw County. In the Des Moines case, the female plaintiffs alleged that their complaints to their employers about harassment fell on deaf ears. In the Chickasaw County case, the plaintiff alleged she was disciplined after complaining about harassment. These are great examples of a couple of the top mistakes employers make regarding employee complaints: ignoring the complaint or failing to perform a prompt and thorough investigation and retaliation.

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Category: Family Law

“Will I have to pay spousal support?” “Am I entitled to spousal support? “How much and for how long?” These are typical questions raised by dissolution clients from the initial consultation and throughout the case. These fair questions usually receive complicated answers. To begin with, there needs to be a discussion about which of the three types of spousal support might apply: traditional, rehabilitative, and/or reimbursement. Traditional spousal support is what most people think of when considering spousal support. This is the support for life at a set amount. Rehabilitative support is generally for a set period of time (e.g., 2-7 years) and is used to assist one spouse to obtain education or training such that he or she can be self-sufficient separate from the other spouse. Last, reimbursement support is paid by one spouse for the economic sacrifices made by the other, especially as it directly relates to the enhanced earning capacity of the spouse.

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